“I have had migraines and/or bad headaches a couple times a week for years. I also had a right leg where my calf muscle would ache after activity and kept me awake at night. I thought the leg issue was from an old torn ligament and subsequent compensation. I honestly thought everyone got headaches, after all my mom does! I determined this year to get my health under control and decided after hearing about NUCCA from a friend I would address any alignment issues before pursuing a neurologist. I am glad I did. My headaches are 85% better. My leg, which turned out to be shorter, rarely aches. When my head hurts or my leg aches, I come in and sure enough I am out by a little bit. I am no longer sore or achy or tired all the time. Interestingly after I began to improve, I realized how much I had been compensating. I would got to sit in a chair “my usual way” and discovered how crooked I had been doing everything. Now I sit straight and stand straighter. Thank you.” S.S.

Neck, back pain, headaches

“I came to see Dr. Ongaro because my neck and back were in pain. I had a lot of headaches. After treatment I feel much better. I can’t believe how much my body has changed. My headache’s are gone, only once every couple of days. My neck and back pain is completely gone. I am very happy with my improvement since visiting Dr.Ongaro”. A.M.


“I am 51 years old with fibromyalgia. I have been on painkillers, anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxants, you name it. I have also tried acupuncture, herbs, vitamins other chiropractors, massage therapy and have been in 3 intensive rehabilitation programs all in attempt to manage my ongoing pain. I was experiencing migraines, back pain and neck pain, was exhausted all the time and suffering with irritable bowel syndrome. With the ongoing support of Dr. Schmaus and his team, I have now been successfully able to manage my pain. I exercise daily and am able to lead an active fun-filled life again.” L.C.

Post MVA

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your care during my treatment at your clinic. I was skeptical at first, since I have been seen by two previous types of chiropractic doctors and an acupuncturist, both of which were only temporary relief, but I decided to give it a try after recommendation from a wonderful dentist. I was in a car accident when I was 15, and went through the windshield, I shattered my left wrist, but little did I know the damage that had been done to my neck. I started to get severe headaches, and pinched nerves in my upper back about 13 years after the accident. I was living in Ontario during this time, and I went to the chiropractors, I thought it was just stress and the pain was something I would have to live with. I moved to Alberta in August 2008, and the pain was gradually getting worse, to the point where I was taking Advil on a regular basis. My boss suggested acupuncture, which I tried, but I started going more and more often with the results lasting less each time. I thought the pain might be contributed to my wisdom tooth, as it was on the right side of my head, and down my neck. The dentist Dr. Dekterov, asked if I had any previous injuries, I explained the car accident, she immediately told me she wanted to meet with a doctor who may be able to help me, that is how I met Dr. Ongaro. Words cannot express the difference I have seen in my life in just 5 weeks, and to think I was going to just live with this pain. I never thought it was related to my injury when I was young, since the pain started so much later in life. I am now off all medication, I used to take anti-depressants and sleeping pills on a daily basis, and I am now drug free. I have no pain in my back or neck, no pinched nerves and I can sleep without muscle relaxants. The office visits were interesting, seeing the changes in my posture, the doctors and staff were friendly and helpful. Thank you very much for giving me a pain free life again!” K.W.

Back Pain

“I had been to many chiropractors at a frequency of at least once per week and never felt any better after the adjustments. I was told that I had scoliosis and would need back surgery. I did physiotherapy for a few months, which also didn’t help. Then I heard about Symmetry Spinal Care and I made an appointment. After my adjustments with Dr. Schmaus my back didn’t hurt anymore. I now feel great and only need an adjustment a few times a year. I didn’t need to get the back surgery done and I am so happy about that.” L.G.

Whiplash, headaches, neck pain

“I had been struggling with chronic whiplash, headaches and neck pain for two years before my first appointment with Dr. Ongaro. On the advice of my family doctor, I had been treating my headaches with massage therapy, painkillers and lots of heat. While I was able to manage the headache pain, it never really went away and I was desperate for a solution. I was told over and over to try a chiropractor. My first appointment with Dr. Ongaro was in January 2011. After our initial consultation, she promised to do her best to straighten me out. I can still hear her saying, ‘I’m sure we can reduce the frequency and severity of those headaches by 85% by the time we’re done.’ It was like music to my ears – but after fighting the headaches for so long, I honestly didn’t believe her. However, I agreed to her plan for treatment and off we went. It’s been more than eight months since that first appointment, and I’m willing to admit I was wrong. The improvement in the way I feel is nothing short of incredible. For such a subtle procedure, it has made a world of difference to me. To sum it up, Dr. Ongaro helped me get my life back! My headaches are infrequent, and when my body alignment starts to feel out of whack, I recognize the symptoms and immediately make an appointment to get pushed back into shape. Picking up the phone to make that very first appointment was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Thank you, Dr. Ongaro, for giving me the chance to tell everyone that my whiplash has been cured!” D.W.

Better balance, sleep, mood and health

“I visited “traditional” chiro’s for bone cracking adjustments for over 10 years. While cracking relieved the pain for short term, I still had frequency as often as 3 times per week. This only offered symptom relief at best. After the first visit with Dr. Schmaus, I wasn’t impressed at all for the lack of crack, lack of impact, etc….until I got out of the truck an hour later and kept hearing ratchet sounds for a week as my entire body adjusted to his ‘minor’ corrections. I now (for the past 5 years) see Dr.Schmaus less than 5 times a year and have better balance, sleep, mood and health. It sounds too good to be true..but you won’t be sorry if you give it a try! Especially if you’ve tried everything else.” S.K.

Multiple Ailments

“I had extreme pressure in my head and spine, terrible headaches, wildly fluctuating heart rate and blood pressure, cement hard and painful muscles, constant anxiety and angst, constant fatigue and weakness, difficulty sleeping, unable to lie down particularly on my back. After treatment all of the above problems have been significantly reduced and most of them alleviated. The pressure on my brain stem is gone and I feel better than when I was a teenager. At 61, that’s GREAT!”  S.B.E.

TMJ, Headaches, Neck Pain

“I had been suffering with headaches for years after having my jaw reconstructed. The TMJ symptoms, headaches, neck pain and tense jaw grew to the point where my quality of life diminished. That is when I heard about NUCCA. Dr. Ongaro’s treatment was amazingly gentle and precise and life is good again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”  L.W.

Headache, posture, hip & ankle pain

“What a positive experience! All the staff was pleasant, knowledgeable and helpful. I was unfamiliar and apprehensive about NUCCA. The procedure was thoroughly explained and the supportive care was exceptional. Although I consider my symptoms rather minor compared to other patients, I have experienced a drastic improvement in my quality of life, headache, posture, hip and ankle pain have all improved.” L.S.

Neck and shoulder pain

“Dr. Ongaro, I would just like to take this time to thank you for giving me back some quality of life, free from constant pain. Before coming to Dr. Ongaro I was in constant pain on the left side of my neck and shoulder. I was always going to the chiropractor sometimes up to three times a week, also massage therapy looking for relief, but it was fleeting. I was referred to Dr. Ongaro by a natural health practitioner, and it changed my life for good. From the time Dr. Ongaro did the first adjustment I felt relief from the pain. After all four adjustments were done; I was completely free from pain and did not need any further adjustments for several months. From time to time I go back for a little tweaking but otherwise I feel great! So thank you! Thank you so very much Dr. Ongaro.”  S.D.

Back Pain

“March 23, 2004 I accepted a dinner invitation from very good friends that was about to change my life. They told me about their visit and treatments with Dr. Schmaus. I saw first hand the results. Like many, the cost scared me. I thought about it for two days and decided – what did I have to lose? I figured I was worth it, so I called and booked my appointments. I came to Dr. Schmaus May 4, 2004 with no expectations. The next day I walked out after my first treatment and for the first time in twenty-seven years there was no pain in my upper back. All day I kept expecting the pain to come back with a vengeance the way it always did after I saw a chiropractor. It didn’t. I am glad I took the chance of trying something new. I know the rest of my back will get better. Dr. Schmaus has given me a winning hand and my life back. Look out world- here I come!” B.G.

Lower Back Pain

“Dr. Ongaro’s treatment is amazing! She not only resolved low back pain issues that had been progressively worsening over several months, but she has assisted considerably in the management of sciatic pain that I’ve been putting up with for the past six years. The low back pain, which was causing a loss of mobility and flexibility, as well as decreasing enjoyment of my favourite activities, has been totally resolved. I have my flexibility back and can lift heavy boxes with impunity! The sciatic pain has been markedly improved with a pain and flare-up frequency reduction of at least 80%. When my leg starts to hurt too often or my low back complains, all I need to do is book and appointment with her and I know I’ll receive top-notch treatment and long-lasting, drug free relief.”  L.U.

Headaches, Migraines, low back pain

“I had constant headaches, frequent migraines, and lower back pain leading t numbness in my leg. I was a little skeptical due to the nature of the treatment. I tried Physiotherapy, including ultrasound and traditional chiropractic care; going 2-3 times a month. After treatment with Dr. Schmaus I have minimal amount of headaches and pain and have learned to listen to my body instead of enduring pain. I am so thankful and now see Dr. Schmaus about 2-3 times a year. This type of treatment is definitely worth trying. My entire family are now patients of Dr. Schmaus.” S.F.

Headaches, hip and lower back pain

“I had headaches and hip & lower back pain for years, ever since I was a young girl. I went to other chiropractors and doctors but it never worked. Always in pain. After treatment I felt great and only had to come back once before my six month visit. This is the greatest I have felt in 38 years. Thank you so much. I exercise and walk with no pain and it’s great.”  D.D.


“I have suffered from migraines for about 20 years. As each year has passed, the headaches became worse and lasted longer. I could not get any satisfying answers from the medical profession as to the causes of my migraines. I did get relief from deep tissue massage, but had to have a treatment once a week to keep the migraines at bay. In addition to the pain, I experienced numbness of one side of my face that always caused me concern that I was experiencing a stroke. My head always seemed to feel ‘fuzzy’ or in a fog. Over the last few years the pain always seemed to be in the background no matter what I did. A full-blown migraine could last up to a week. I refused migraine medication, as I did not want to become dependant on it. I learnt just to deal with the pain and ignore it as best as possible…hard thing to do when I am a bookkeeper and have to work with computers and customers all day. I heard about Dr. Schmaus through a friend and saw the results my husband received and decided to give it a try. I walked into the office with a migraine and the intense pain. I had the adjustment…the pain did not subside immediately, but for the first time in years my head felt clear not fuzzy!!! As the days followed, the pain went away and life became a lot more fun! I started to sleep better and enjoy life again…instead of enduring it. It has almost been a year and I still feel good…if I get a headache, I know that my neck is out and I need a treatment… but that is only every few months or so. A trip that I don’t mind making, because I know that I will receive relief after the treatment.” U.A.

Headaches & back pain

“I had been in a car accident and was experiencing headaches and back pain. I had tried a couple different doctors but nothing was helping my pain. I was referred to Dr.Ongaro by a friend. After treatment my pain went away. I feel much better and only need a repeat visit once or twice a year.”  J.K.

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